updating kitchen and bath cabinets

Why paint your cabinets?

Updating your cabinets with fresh paint or stain is a great alternative to a full remodel, which can cost thousands of dollars. Painting kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets can be a quick upgrade for those who are putting their home on the market to sell, or who want to impress a group of house guests arriving soon. Or, maybe you're just tired of seeing the same drab color every time you reach for a plate. Whatever your thought process, Paint Smart can deliver beautiful results with professional  custom cabinet painting at a fraction of the price of replacing them.

The process starts with prep

Professional cabinet painting starts with removing all your cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes. We then get them ready by cleaning them of residue, and fixing any minor defects in the wood. 

Once cleaned, they're ready for priming, followed by a professional paint job in the color of your choosing. If you need advice on colors, we'll help you with that as well! Depending on the condition of the fixtures and hinges, you may want to have them upgraded to a more modern look by updating the door handles and knobs. After all the work is completed and the paint has dried, we'll reinstall everything, clean up after ourselves, and leave you alone to admire your new space. Unless you're inviting us to stay for dinner, of course.

Serving Rapid City, Black Hawk, Box Elder, and the greater Black Hills area, Paint Smart is your sure bet for updating your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.